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 Commercial Guidelines




To submit a Commercial Q, the aplicant must present 12 image digital submission.

Digital Submission
Digital files must be supplied to the following file standards:

  • files must be resized to 25.4cm (10”) along the longest edge

  • 300dpi (i.e. longest side is 3000 pixels)

  • Adobe1998 RGB colour space (not grayscale)

  • JPEG setting 12/Maximum (near lossless compression)

  • Matting is not required

  • All files burnt to a CD.

Name the digital files as follows: your four digit pin, followed by a hyphen and a two digit number indicating the viewing order e.g. 1234-01.jpg, 1234-02.jpg etc.


All Commercial Submissions

All Commercial submission types must include printed contact sheets of the 12 images submitted with the four digit pin and viewing order printed below the each image. The format required is 2 vertical A4 pages (6 images per page – 2 across, 3 down). The contact sheet is used as a reference when providing feedback to you following the Q panel, it will not be returned.


In order for Commercial Q Panels to be better informed as to the "purpose" for which an image is created, a Commercial Summary Sheet is required to be included with each Commercial Q submission. The Summary Sheet should outline the type of client and intended use of each image, which will assist the Q Panel in making a decision as to whether suitable craft and skill has been demonstrated for the images intended purpose. Ultimately the Q Panel has a professional standard to maintain, and it expects that Qualified Commercial Members will be shooting at that standard and above. Knowing more about the individual images in a submission and why they were taken, assists the Q Panel in understanding the work and making an informed decision.


A Commercial Q submission should reflect the type and standard of work you supply to your clients on a day-to-day basis. You may also include some personal work. Images that are not created while working to a clients commission or brief should be identified as such. All Commercial Q Submissions must include a Commercial Summary Sheet outlining the following:

For self commissioned images:

  • Your four digit pin and image number e.g. 1234-01
  • Indication that the work is self commissioned
  • State the purpose for its creation e.g. for personal interest, a personal project, experimentation of a treatment or technique or for portfolio expansion

For work created while on assignment for a client:

  • Your four digit pin and image number e.g. 1234-01
  • The type of client without actually naming them if possible e.g. "local contracting firm" or "nationwide insurance company" 
  • A summary of the purpose/intended use(s) of the image e.g. "brochures and website promoting their services" or "annual report"
  • A basic brief e.g. "to show staff operating machinery during large project" or "wrap around cover with room to allow for text/logo elements"

All members must also provide documentation demonstrating their current business status. Please refer to the Q Business Requirements for further information.


Click here to download the Q Application form.




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