The NZIPP Accreditation programme exists to establish a standard of quality in the businesses of the institutes’ members.  It identifies NZIPP Accredited Professional Photographers to the public as photographers who have attained a credible quality standard. It is not designed to exclude photographers from the organisation but rather helps to ensure that they are in NZIPP for the right reasons which stem from a commitment to running their businesses in a professional way, with skill and knowledge. This is what separates the NZIPP from associations and groups with no entry restrictions.



The NZIPP Accreditation programme is managed across three divisions: Wedding, Portrait, and Commercial. In addition, the divisions cover various specialties that are displayed in the Find A Photographer search engine.  Accredited Professional Photographers load their profile, contact details, select their specialties alongwith any NZIPP distinctions that they have earned through the NZ Professional Iris Photography Awards.  NZIPP distinctions are recognised across the world as a benchmark of excellence.




It is a constitutional requirement of NZIPP membership that Accredited Professional Photographers be 'Persons earning an income in the professional photographic industry'. 


Potentially someone who earns a dollar from photography is eligible for membership i.e. part-time, and provided their work is up to the required standard can get Accredited. The Institute recognises that it takes time to establish a network of clients so we offer the opportunity to join as a Provisional member to learn and grow within our organisation.  As a Provisional member there is no promotional benefit nor can you represent yourself as a NZIPP member, until you have reached a suitably improved level to achieve Accreditation.


As a professional body we want our members to act in a professional manner, both creatively and in business and so part of the Accreditation process you have to meet the NZIPP standards.


1.  Apply to join as a NZIPP Provisional Member

2.  Agree to be bound by the NZIPP Constitution

3.  Agree to be bound by the NZIPP Code of Ethics

4.  Agree to be bound by the NZIPP By-Laws

5. Provide business evidence to show that you are earning an income in the professional               photographic industry.




In addition to the Provisional Membership fee, an application fee per division accreditation i.e. Wedding, Portrait or Commercial is paid in advance by the Provisional member when ready to apply for assessment.  


The assessment is carried out anonymously.  Applicants are asked to provide a random four digit pin number with their assessment form to ensure confidentiality of the submission.  The panel will preferably consist of 5 judges, but no less than 3 at any Assessment.  In addition, at least 60% of the panel should be made up of Associates, Masters, or Fellows of the Institute.


As at March 2016, digital submissions are being accepted for all three divisions: Wedding, Portrait and Commercial.  In addition, a printed image contact sheet of the images submitted with the random four digit pin number is used as a reference when providing feedback.



Submissions are assessed on the following criteria: (NB: the panel is looking for a competent standard of work – not award winning images).

  • Presentation: encompasses the first impression of the submission (this is less important for a commercial submission).
  • Composition, Positioning and Lighting. Needs to demonstrate the applicant’s thorough understanding of all of these elements.
  • Print control and image quality (print) or exposure accuracy/control for commercial submissions of transparencies.  Well exposed and well printed images.
  • Creativity, style, expression and emotion where appropriate. The applicant should show a variety of creative knowledge and skills.
  • Finally the question, how the judges feel overall is: “Would I send a friend, relative, or colleague to this photographer?”



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