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 Portrait Guidelines




To submit a Portrait Q, the applicant must present a print submission. Images must not all be from a single sitting or of the same subject(s), or been taken whilst instruction at a workshop.


12 printed images are required. Photographic images must be printed no smaller than 26cm on the longest side. The largest print size accepted is 40cm x 50cm. Prints must printed to a professional standard as would be supplied to a client and also be mounted. Prints can also be matted. The maximum mount size is 40X50cm.   



An album containing twelve printed and mounted images. The print image area must be no smaller than 500 sq cm (80 sq inches. The printed album must have a temporary label attached detailing the random 4 digit pin as per the "NZIPP Qualified Member Application" form, General Submission Requirements, Requirement 2. If the photographers name appears anywhere in the album, please cover it with a removable sticker so that it is not visible to the Q panel.


In addition  to the printed images or album, each applicant must also supply:

  • a printed image contact sheet of the 12 images submitted with the four digit pin and viewing order printed below each image. The format required is 2 album pages per A4 page (6 images - 2 across 3 down). The contact sheet is used as a reference when providing feedback to you following the Q panel, it will not be returned.

  • Digital files of the supplied images or album. The digital files must be supplied to the following file standards:

    • digital files must be resized to 25.4cm (10”) along the longest edge
    • 300dpi (i.e. longest side is 3000 pixels)
    • Adobe1998 RGB colour space (not grayscale)
    • JPEG setting 12/Maximum (near lossless compression)
    • Matting is not required
    • All files burnt to a CD and leblled with your 4 digit pin.

Name the digital files as follows: your four digit pin, followed by a hyphen and a two digit number indicating the viewing order e.g. 1234-01.jpg, 1234-02.jpg etc. (Imgaes must correspond with your printed set)

All members must also provide documentation demonstrating their current business status. For further information please refer to the
Q Business Requirements.


Click here to download the Q Application form.



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