Thursday, 22 February 2018
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The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP)  is the only qualifying body for professional photographers in New Zealand, and currently has over 350 members across New Zealand covering the current divisions of Wedding, Portrait and Commercial Photography.

The NZIPP is an Incorporated Society and the governing body of the Institute consists of the President, the directors of the divisions, the chairperson of the Honours Council for Honours related matters only and the Executive Director as a non-voting member. 


The current board consists of:

Katherine Williams | President | Accredited Professional Photographer | FNZIPP

Tracy Stamakatos | Vice President | Accredited Professional Photographer | FNZIPP

Clinton Lloyd | Director | Accredited Professional Photographer | FNZIPP

Gino Demeer | Director | Accredited Professional Photographer 

Kaye Davis | Chairperson Honours | Accredited Professional Photographer |GMNZIPP

Gina Connell | Executive Director





Katherine Williams   |   Tracy Stamatakos     |     Clinton Lloyd           |          Gino Demeer

     PRESIDENT               VICE PRESIDENT            DIRECTOR                          DIRECTOR




      Kaye Davis            |         Gina Connell

      HONOURS                       EXECUTIVE

  CHAIRPERSON                   DIRECTOR




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