Each year, the Institute has the authority to award a scholarship.


The James White Overseas Study Grant

The James White Overseas Study Grant is an award of $5000 (including GST if any) to be used for the study of an area of photographic interest overseas. All fully qualified members of the NZIPP are entitled to apply for the Grant which shall be awarded to one member only in any one year, and may only be awarded to any member once.  


A Selection Panel reviews each application in light of its relevance to NZIPP members and the ability of the applicant(s) to pass on to the profession any benefits received from overseas training. The successful applicant is required to return to New Zealand on completion of the term of the Study Grant and shall impart knowledge gained in such a manner as may be agreed upon with the NZIPP Board, within twelve months of the date of return. This will include a physical record such as a hard copy document or new media presentation for the Institute archives.


The successful recipient is announced annually at the Iris Awards Gala Dinner.

The recipient must present a budget, timeline and proof of air ticket purchase to the NZIPP Board before any funds are released. Progress payments to be mutually agreed between the NZIPP Board and the recipient.



Complete the Application forms below and forward to:

Executive Director
P O Box 76176
Email: info@nzipp.org.nz


James White Overseas Study Grant 2014 (PDF)

James White Overseas Study Grant 2014 (Word)